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APL is a professionally managed motor dealership in Malawi with exclusive franchise agreement with World re-known original equipment manufacturers like Isuzu , Suzuki ,SCANIA, and BOSCH for the territory of Malawi. The company has highly experienced personnel in sales , parts sales, workshop service, finance and administration, having invested heavily in intellectual capital and huge local experience over the years in the Motor vehicle industry in Malawi.

APL enjoys excellent inter-organisational relationships with its up-streams suppliers, local financial institutions and business partners , shareholders and other stakeholders based on the win-all foundation . The company also enjoys network-linkage advantages through the major international share-holder with organisations from around the world enabling APL to participate and deliver on all kinds of turn-key projects using products and expertise available around the world.

The structure of APL is flat to enable efficient communication and quick delivery of services and aspires ‘lean’ at all times in terms of head count, debt, and overall running cost.

APL mission is to deliver desired and high quality vehicles and their associated high quality parts, and service, to the right people, at the right time, in the right place at the right price and in the right manner to the full satisfaction of people.”

We would also like to deliver on this mission in a manner acceptable to our shareholders, while developing the full potential of our employees and through winning ways for all our business partners and while being a responsible citizen in the open society.

Our vision is an organization that has earned its rightful place among top blue chip firms with world class, new millennium processes and deliverables.

Company Information

Founded 1964 Inception 1970 Activity Sales & After Sales of ISUZU, SCANIA TRUCKS AND BUSES and SUZUKI MOTORCYCLES. Number of Employee 89.


Products/Service/Activities Sales & After Sales of ISUZU, SCANIA TRUCKS AND BUSES & SUZUKI MOTORCYCLES.