Service Parts Warehouse

Our Service parts warehouses are well stocked with guinune parts

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Bosch Service Parts

Bosch Servise Parts are always available for our VW and Mercedez Benz clients. However we also cater for clients with other types of models

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Scania Genuine Parts

Scania genuine brake disks are long lasting to ensure your peace of mind

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Our Scania Parts

Scania guinune Parts ensures your Scania remains a Scania

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Scania Fluids

For maximum efficiency in cooling your Scania, use Scania Coolants

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How can we help?

When you need Parts from us, we don’t just sell like others, we look at your situation, get your ideas, because our objective is to sell you reliable, genuine parts to provide you long lasting solution in vehicle servicing. Because you haven’t tried us, you think others have satisfied you. Give us a chance! We’ll make a difference!

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